10 Effective Characteristics of a Great Sales Person

Can explain complexity – As a salesperson, you need to have an in-depth knowledge about the product you are selling such as what it can do to the customer, the WHAT IFs of the product, supplies, etc. to enable to market it to different kinds of people in different approach.

  1. Ability to handle customer objections – This is one of the most important characteristic that a salesperson should have since objections cannot be avoided in some cases. Example if the customer complains about the price, then a salesperson should have an extra bucket of explanations on why the price is at that range and most likely tackle on the advantage side. Of course, to avoid being bias, a salesperson needs to be honest on the advantage and disadvantage of the product you are selling.
  2. Closers and process-driven – These two are in sequence, meaning if you can sell fast using your approach, you don’t stop there. Keep innovating on what works best to get your products sold in a very minimal time and less effort. Keeping contact with past customers is also healthy for a salesperson to be able to reach them whenever new products are introduced.
  3. Team player – Of course, if you are in a team, you need to communicate with other team mates to keep in touch on what’s new and what are their struggles in selling that you can possibly help. Being in a team needs coordination and deep relationship especially if you are on the same product or same nature of products. Coach them and be coachable also. Listen to others as this might also help in your approach of selling.
  4. Don’t be pushy – This is what customers hate the most so avoid pushing them to the product unless you have a mild approach to make them change their mind quickly.
  5. Honest – As covered in #2, this is also separate factor since being honest not only to your customers but also to yourself will help you grow believing in yourself above anything else. This will also gain you trust from customers who like to know more about the product rather than regretting in the end. Avoid making promises that are not attainable to avoid trouble against your potential customers.
  6. Ask questions – This will enable you to get their attention and most likely gives you an idea as a salesperson on what is the right product for that customer’s needs.
  7. Follow up – Since not all the people you met are interested with the product on the spot, it’s best to follow up them after once in a while to keep up with the momentum before they forgot you and your product unless they are your neighbors. 🙂
  8. Shares own story – This is important especially for opportunity products, healing products or anything that have lifted you up out of misery. This will help you gain trust since customers will get to know you and what you’ve been through.
  9. Thanks giver – Sounds good but this is the most important whether the person buys the product or not. This is to at least credit the person who listened to you or watched your presentation. As a salesperson you will harvest the sweetest fruit in the end if this is done every time you market your product.

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