Hi Everyone,

I’m Marvin, the author and owner of MarketingTipsParaSaPinoy.com.

I’m from the Philippines and currently working as Quality Officer in one of the BPO companies here. I’m also an affiliate of online products, a blogger, a reader, a learner and mostly spend free time in the internet.

When I started to learn about making money online, I joined almost a hundreds of make money online sites in the internet with the purpose of earning but did not has such success because I skipped many processes that an internet marketer should undergo.

I experienced joining PTC sites, earn credit sites, networking sites, etc. Those I think were the times wasted when my thoughts were all focused on the money.

Later, after watching YouTube videos and reading blogs, it enlightened me to educate myself first and learn the basic to avoid failing so hard. That’s why I decided to join a Filipino online marketing course to get the skills that I need to succeed with any business online.

Luckily, I have learned much and have applied it immediately in a step-by-step process and I got two sales after two months of learning and applying the marketing skills. Now I have proved that there’s money online if you’ll only explore and never stop learning every day.

Why I made this blog?

I made this blog to showcase what I’ve learned from the internet in terms of social media and marketing. I just want to share useful things to help other internet marketers to promote their businesses online and succeed.

Tips to newbie internet marketers?

Educate yourself and study the steps that you need to go through to avoid failing while doing the process of marketing a business and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION.

Thank you and enjoy reading my posts.