How to boost a post and get more fanpage likes?

Things to remember before boosting a post:

  1. Use 1-2 lines only of text in the post to avoid poor performance.
  2. The image should not contain too much text same as above.

If the above are all set, post it in your fanpage. It is necessary that you post it in your page since Facebook Ads will require a fanpage in every ad.

In the post, click Boost Post for the interface to pop up where you can set the things needed for boosting this post.

boost post button

In the boost post interface, you can see the sidebar on the left which you need to manipulate in order for the ad to work.

boost post interface

POST BUTTON – This is just optional. The default presentation of the boosted post with the No Button setting will have the Like Page button at the top right side of the post. If this setting will be altered, you can use Shop Now, Sign Up, Send Message, Learn More, etc. and the Like Page button at the top will be removed. It’s you choice to select what suits the purpose or the result that you want.

AUDIENCE – Since we are after of the targeted likes, choose People you choose through targeting, then click Edit to setup the Age, Gender, Location and Interests. In selecting Gender, it’s better to select only one of either Men or Women to get cheap clicks and select age between 25-45 if you are aiming to sell something to ensure that those people have money or working already rather than in school.  Click Save and proceed to another option. You can name that audience for future usage.

BUDGET AND DURATION – Set the Total budget that you want and run it for 1-2 days (Run this ad until) to test out. If it works then you can adjust a bigger budget with same post in the next boosting.

Start low to test the performance of the post and experiment on what works and stop doing those that sucks. 🙂

TRACKING CONVERSIONS – You need to select your tracking pixel which you have one as default. You can check out YouTube on how to set this for the first time or experiment in Facebook under Manage Ads.

PAYMENT – This is your payment method on how you want Facebook to charge you. I’m personally using Unionbank EON card for Facebook Ads. You can check Paymaya or other banks’ express online cards.

After the ad will expire, check your results if you have achieved more page likes or not. That’s the only indicator that your boosted post worked.

In case you have used a button, you can probably have post likes only and usually a lot of them so go to the post and click on the likes, and then click Invite to every liker to make them like also your page.

There you go. The next step will be yours. Kindly share this if useful. Thanks!

How To Get At Least 10 Fanpage Likes Everyday By Commenting?

This is one of the most powerful strategy in increasing fanpage likes without promoting your page or asking somebody to like your page but only few are aware of this so I’ll share it here.

All you need to do is expose your page to a lot of people without inviting them literally to like your Facebook page. So here it is:

Before exposing your page, you need to ensure that the name of your page is catchy or attractive that someone might be interested and persuaded to visit.

Look for popular pages that other people are usually visiting like viral pages, TV channels, news programs, movies page, etc.

Once you find one or five, click the small triangle on the lower right to display the fanpage names and select the page you want to be used or exposed.

increase fanpage likesWe do this so that you will be commenting on a page post with your page name instead of your profile name. In this way, many people will see the name and will click on it to navigate your page.

fanpage comment using fanpage name

Of course, I won’t say that all of them who saw your page name will click on it or like your page but if your comment gives value, then definitely they’ll like your page.

You can do this in less than 30 minutes per day while browsing your timeline and it really helped in increasing page likes.

To get targeted likes, just comment on pages that are related to your page or business to ensure that like-minded people will be attracted and will surely like your page.

Another thing to note is that make your page valuable – meaning you need to post useful stuffs that people can also share to others. In that way, you’ll be surprised with the results.

I hope this tip could help you grow your page likes bit by bit and get the goal that you wanted. Keep learning and share this to others.

Thanks for reading.

Ang Limang Useful and Proven Strategies Para Makilala Ang Business Mo sa Facebook

Sa totoo lang marami ang pwede mong gawin para makilala ang business mo sa internet at dapat hindi ka aasa lang na dahil online ang business mo ay madali syang makilala ng tao sa Pilipinas o sa ibang bansa. Isipin mo na napakalawak ng internet at maraming business ang gumagalaw dito at dahil dito ay kailangan mong gumawa ng paraan para makilala at mapansin ito ng mga internet users na may parehong interest tungkol sa internet business.

Eto ang ilan sa mga effective na paraan para makilala ang business mo sa internet:

  1. Facebook Timeline o Newsfeed – Ito ang isa sa pinakamakapangyarihan na paraan ngayon sa pagpapakilala ng business. Dito ay maari kang magpost sa sarili mong profile para makita ng mga friends mo at para na rin i-brand ang sarili mo as an entrepreneur. Pero tandaan mo rin na dapat iwasan mo ang sobrang pagpi-pitch ng business mo araw-araw para maiwasan an gang pag-unfriend ng kaibigan mo na madalas talagang nangyayari sa mga taong nasa ganitong industriya.
  2. Facebook Fanpage – Yung nauna ay sa newsfeed ng profile mo, dito naman ay kailangan mong gumawa ng isang fanpage para gawin mong specific place for business promotions or posting. Ang makakakita lang ng mga posts dito ay ang mga nag-like sa page mo. Pero ganun pa rin, dapat magbigay ka muna ng value halimbawa ay mga tips para hindi magsawa ang tao at mag-unlike mo. Dito ay pwede mong i-customize ang banner para makapag-display ka ng information tungkol sa business mo, pwedeng contact numbers, picture ng products, or procedure kung paano nila mabibili ang product mo. Para mas makilala pa ito, pwede mong gamitin ang pangalan ng fanpage mo sa pag-comment sa ibang mga page posts na na-like mo na rin. Sa function na ito, mas marami ang magiging curious kung ano ang ino-offer mo.
  3. Facebook Group – Dito naman ay similar lang sa fanpage kaya lang pwede mo syang gawing public, closed, at secret. Meaning, pwede mong i-filter kung sino ang member na i-accept mo. Pero kung public lang, same lang sa fanpage na pag may-join ay magiging member agad sya sa group at makakakita sya ng mga posts mo sa page na yon. Pwede mo ring i-set na ikaw lang ang pwedeng mag-post, so ang mga members ay sa comment lang makakapag-post. Okay ito kung ayaw mo ng spam at gusto mong ang offer mo lang ang nasa page.
  4. Facebook Live – Dito pwede mong kunan ang sarili mo at i-broadcast sa mga friends mo sa Facebook. Pwedeng nagbibigay ka ng tips, nasa vacation, or demonstration ng product mo. Lahat pwede mong gawin dito para makita ng friends mo ang totoong ikaw at hindi nila iisipin na mai-scam sila.
  5. Facebook Ads – Ito na siguro ang pinaka powerful na gamit ng Facebook kung saan kaya mong i-target kung sino lang ang dapat makakita sa business mo. Dito pwede mong i-set ang country, interest, edad, etc. ng mga taong gusto mong maging prospects o customer. Medyo marami ka pang dapat aralin muna sa function na to kasi pwede ring masayang ang pera mo sa paggamit ng ads kung di mo alam kung paano sya tumatakbo at nakikita ng mga Facebook users.

So ngayong alam mo na kung ano ang gagawin mo sa Facebook para makilala ang business mo, simulan mo na kaagad at huwag kang mangamba na mag-fail ka dahil yan ay sa simula lamang at makikita mo rin ang resulta pagdating ng tamang panahon.

Kung seryoso ka sa business mo, paki-click lang DITO at ipapakita ko sayo ang ginamit ko para magkaroon ng resulta sa business ko. Paki-share na rin sa mga kilala mong entrepreneurs. Salamat at Good luck!