How To Create an Automated Affiliate Marketing Business System in the Philippines?

Creating an automated business system is not easy because you first need to have that capital to go into this business. You need to spend money to set up the business and to make it automated which means that there is less human intervention in running the business.

So in this post, I will be showing you the things that are needed on how to make an automated online business system which an entrepreneur needs to go through to have this kind of business. This system can be handled by one person after the system is set up.

automated affiliate marketing business


This is the first component in making an online business. Of course a product needs to be sold to make money online. This is the gold in your online business which you need to put up the system to reach the customers who need it and get it sold. This could be a physical product or a digital product. This may be priced up to a thousand pesos depending on the value of the product. This could be an affiliate product which comes from an affiliate network site which is either free/paid to join or your own product.

Landing Page

This is the sales funnel that is needed for customers to navigate and see what your product can offer. The site should contain a little information about your product, how to get in contact, price details and how to buy this product. This is also used to collect information from customers before leading them to the main homepage where product information is available. This may contain videos or free ebooks to educate the customers before buying the product.

Designing the landing page alone could cost Php5000 and up depending on the required function.

  1. Domain name – This is the online address of your website such as com or This alone costs Php500 and up per year excluding the add-ons which is optional for your domain name’s security.
  2. Hosting server – This is where your website is hosted and files are saved/uploaded. This alone is costing Php2000 and up per year excluding the add-ons for hosting security.
  3. Marketing videos and ebooks – This will cost Php3000 and up for professionally made material to market your product in the main landing page.
  4. Autoresponder – This is needed to save the contact information from the leads and direct them to the affiliate product’s main site. This is also used to follow up the leads in case they will not buy the product immediately. This costs 600 and up per month or Php8000 per year.

Payment System

This is the best part since you don’t need to do manual intervention to handle the customers’ payments and the refunds. All you have to do is watch the commissions to come in. This is included in the main affiliate network’s site so it’s not the affiliate’s task to handle this.

Affiliate’s Tasks

After the system is set up, the affiliate’s main task is to send traffic to the landing page which was created for the product. This includes strategies that an affiliate prefers which could be social media marketing, Youtube marketing, Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, etc. The costs of these tasks may vary depending on how the affiliate promotes the product to get leads and customers.

It’s also the affiliate’s tasks to handle the autoresponder which contains the leads with their contact information. This includes sending follow ups and other email marketing tasks.

As you can see, there is really a need to spend money to create an automated affiliate business and make money online as how other entrepreneurs do.

So what do you think, do you want to create an online business of your own or get a done-for-you system in which all that I’ve mentioned above are already set up and all you have to do is promote the business at any cost?

It’s for you to decide. So if you find this useful, please share this.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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