How To Get At Least 10 Fanpage Likes Everyday By Commenting?

This is one of the most powerful strategy in increasing fanpage likes without promoting your page or asking somebody to like your page but only few are aware of this so I’ll share it here.

All you need to do is expose your page to a lot of people without inviting them literally to like your Facebook page. So here it is:

Before exposing your page, you need to ensure that the name of your page is catchy or attractive that someone might be interested and persuaded to visit.

Look for popular pages that other people are usually visiting like viral pages, TV channels, news programs, movies page, etc.

Once you find one or five, click the small triangle on the lower right to display the fanpage names and select the page you want to be used or exposed.

increase fanpage likesWe do this so that you will be commenting on a page post with your page name instead of your profile name. In this way, many people will see the name and will click on it to navigate your page.

fanpage comment using fanpage name

Of course, I won’t say that all of them who saw your page name will click on it or like your page but if your comment gives value, then definitely they’ll like your page.

You can do this in less than 30 minutes per day while browsing your timeline and it really helped in increasing page likes.

To get targeted likes, just comment on pages that are related to your page or business to ensure that like-minded people will be attracted and will surely like your page.

Another thing to note is that make your page valuable – meaning you need to post useful stuffs that people can also share to others. In that way, you’ll be surprised with the results.

I hope this tip could help you grow your page likes bit by bit and get the goal that you wanted. Keep learning and share this to others.

Thanks for reading.

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