My experience using Facebook Ads the first time (November 2016)

Hello guys, I just want to share my experience in creating and using Facebook ads the first time and I can say that it’s a little tricky and exciting at the same time.

fb ads success stories

Page Likes

The first ad that I created was for Page Likes where I promoted a fanpage about an international product about hair loss which I’d like to call this an experiment. The page contain posts about hair and all about our head. I targeted people who has interest in hair loss, hair products, shampoo, etc., from the specific states in United States.

In creating the ad, it was not accepted the first time since Facebook does not allow body parts with damages (vanishing hair) to be featured in the ad so I created a new image with a hair brush photo which is a lot simpler and there it was accepted. Unfortunately, after running for 2 days reaching 187 people, I only got 3 likes (P92.39/like) and spent a total of P277.16.

This result is frustrating but I know there’s something that caused this which I am figuring out until now. Later I found out from Facebook notification that it was because of the image which has too much text in it. I am not closing my door on this and I’ll come back promoting again the page after studying the loopholes for this.

Post Engagements

The next ad I created was about Post Engagements which was actually a boosted post after being suggested by Facebook on my page’s timeline. In this ad, I boosted my existing post with dramatic photo of Filipinos working hard for living and commuting every day in buses, trains, MRT/LRT. In the text description, I quoted an emotional line about changing lives thru certain opportunities with a link to a video of my affiliate product.

I ran this for 3 days targeting people with interests in jobs, travel, time freedom, etc. and I reached 888 people this time. I got 81 (P1.85/ppe) post engagements and spent P150 as standard amount suggested by Facebook. By the way, the 81 post engagements is a combination of both post and page likes. I’m happy with this result since it has reached people not only for awareness but also for increasing page likes which was actually my first intention.

What I learned for creating this ad is that the creativity of the photo used and some touching lines in post description can cause nice results which actually attract people to click on it and be curious on what it is about. Post boosting is actually a low cost yet effective way to promote your page or business offers and you must try it as early as now.

Website Clicks

The third ad that I created was for website clicks with the purpose to promote my affiliate link with sales funnel in it for lead generation. I created a photo grabbed from a free stock photo site and include a two-line catchy text. This time I reached 26, 264 Facebook users and got 958 (P0.52) link clicks which is very low for this type of ad. So far the results I got from this campaign is not bad since I also got email signups in my sales funnel so I can still send follow ups to them from time to time. I’m planning to run another ad similar to this but with different image to test out if what’s really working.

I’m still in the experimentation phase but I slowly get results so I will go further and figure out what’s working and how I can optimize it to get high results for my business.

For those who want to get results right away, then Facebook ads is one of the best things you can do jumpstart your business and get the goal that you want to achieve.

Please share if you find this helpful. Until the next post. Thanks.