How to boost a post and get more fanpage likes?

Things to remember before boosting a post:

  1. Use 1-2 lines only of text in the post to avoid poor performance.
  2. The image should not contain too much text same as above.

If the above are all set, post it in your fanpage. It is necessary that you post it in your page since Facebook Ads will require a fanpage in every ad.

In the post, click Boost Post for the interface to pop up where you can set the things needed for boosting this post.

boost post button

In the boost post interface, you can see the sidebar on the left which you need to manipulate in order for the ad to work.

boost post interface

POST BUTTON – This is just optional. The default presentation of the boosted post with the No Button setting will have the Like Page button at the top right side of the post. If this setting will be altered, you can use Shop Now, Sign Up, Send Message, Learn More, etc. and the Like Page button at the top will be removed. It’s you choice to select what suits the purpose or the result that you want.

AUDIENCE – Since we are after of the targeted likes, choose People you choose through targeting, then click Edit to setup the Age, Gender, Location and Interests. In selecting Gender, it’s better to select only one of either Men or Women to get cheap clicks and select age between 25-45 if you are aiming to sell something to ensure that those people have money or working already rather than in school.  Click Save and proceed to another option. You can name that audience for future usage.

BUDGET AND DURATION – Set the Total budget that you want and run it for 1-2 days (Run this ad until) to test out. If it works then you can adjust a bigger budget with same post in the next boosting.

Start low to test the performance of the post and experiment on what works and stop doing those that sucks. 🙂

TRACKING CONVERSIONS – You need to select your tracking pixel which you have one as default. You can check out YouTube on how to set this for the first time or experiment in Facebook under Manage Ads.

PAYMENT – This is your payment method on how you want Facebook to charge you. I’m personally using Unionbank EON card for Facebook Ads. You can check Paymaya or other banks’ express online cards.

After the ad will expire, check your results if you have achieved more page likes or not. That’s the only indicator that your boosted post worked.

In case you have used a button, you can probably have post likes only and usually a lot of them so go to the post and click on the likes, and then click Invite to every liker to make them like also your page.

There you go. The next step will be yours. Kindly share this if useful. Thanks!