I Earned More Bitcoins Using This Site

In this post, I will teach you on how to earn different cryptocurrency coins using one site. But, before that, you need to have a bitcoin wallet where you can place the earnings that you are about to withdraw from this site after reaching the threshold balance.

I recommend two sites because they have different conditions when it comes to how much do your want to withdraw from your balance.

coins.ph – This is Philippines based site

coinbase – International site

After signing up, verify your account in your email and you’re good to go.

Now, join coinpot.co – this site acts as a middle wallet of different coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash where your earnings are temporarily stored or saved. Just click Register and enter the needed details.

coinpot wallet

Now in order to fill Coinpot with coins, signup on the below cryptocurrency faucet sites using the email that you used to register in Coinpot.

Moon Dash Coin

dash faucet

Moon Litecoin

litecoin faucet

Moon Dogecoin

dogecoin faucet

Moon Bitcoin

bitcoin faucet

Moon Bitcoin Cash

bitcoin cash faucet


bitfun bitcoin

Bonus Bitcoin

bonus bitcoin

After signing up using email, start claiming the coins minute by minute depending on the allotted time by the coin faucet by clicking claim now.

claim crypto coins free

The captcha will pop up and needs to be properly entered to successfully claim the free coins in each site.

free bitcoins captcha

Aside from claiming Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin and Litecoin, Coinpot also has mining option within the site where you can use to earn bitcoins using your CPU’s computing power.

mine bitcoins using browser

Each coin inside Coinpot has that option so you can either mine one by one or have it all running but it depends on the computing power of your CPU because it will obviously slow your PC down while mining. Mining also needs to be observed and should not be running for hours to avoid overheating your CPU. Have your mining rest for a while and resume.

Another way is have the mining option running and at the same time claim on each faucet individually.

Also, if you notice on the above screenshot, there is also an option to convert a coin to another coin which will add up to the remaining balance. In this way, the source coin will be zeroed if you want all to be converted or leave few of them for future use.

This is one of the option that is useful if you are targeting a specific coin to be on top. Example, if you want to make your Bitcoin balance to go higher than the rest of the crypto coins as much as possible, you can convert the rest of the coins in Bitcoin to accumulate the balance.

After that, you can withdraw your earnings to your Bitcoin wallet using the dropdown option as also shown above. Below are the available options on how or where to withdraw your coin earnings.

coinpot withdrawal options

Remember the first part of this post where I recommended two sites to create bitcoin wallet?

This is now the explanation regarding that part.

If you want to withdraw in coins.ph with less than 0.001 BTC in which 0.00025 BTC is the minimum example below, coinpot will charge 0.00002 BTC (2000 satoshi) from your balance; otherwise there’s no fee so it’s better to withdraw using coins.ph if you already reached 0.001 BTC earnings.

withdraw coinpot in coins.ph

On the other hand, if you will withdraw your coins using coinbase with the same minimum amount 0.00025 BTC, there is no fee and you will get your earnings within 48 hours but it usually happens without waiting 48 hours so don’t worry.

withdraw coinpot using coinbase

See? It’s just that easy. You only need patience to claim the coins for days and weeks and get the results after.

No need to invest money in earning bitcoins but of course you need to invest time and effort.

Are you excited to earn more coins? Try this now while it’s HOT and FREE! 🙂

More tutorials on how to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrency soon so keep in touch.

I hope this helps and please share to others you know interested in cryptocurrency. Thanks!