How can I make money with my 250K likes Facebook fanpage?

While browsing the web, I stumbled with this question posted in a forum site in which the user claimed that he/she want to make money from 250K likes Facebook fanpage.

That’s the time I also think about it and ask myself, “yeah why not”?

So here are the most liked answers on how to make money in Facebook with 250K likes in fanpage. You can make money by doing these three things!

  1. Promoting your product via your fan page

If you already have a physical or digital product of your own that you want to sell, then you can promote it within your page considering that you already have the large quantity of fanpage likers. Another advantage is the interest on what your page is about – potential customers in Facebook usually like pages that fits their interests.

Example: If you’re page is about yoga, then Facebook users who loved yoga will like it and will definitely buy something from you if they find it helpful to them or something that can give solution to their problems.

  1. Promoting your Service via your fan page

This option usually applies to local services. Example: If you love to bake sweet and nutritious cupcakes, then you can take orders from your likers who located nearby. It’s also an advantage because they already know you for some time by the way you post on your page so they will not hesitate to get your services.

For non-local customers, this goes similar to freelancing where you can offer something that you’re good at with a corresponding rate per hour or per project. I’m talking on services like virtual assistants, article writers, web designers, bloggers, and other services that involve creation of digital products.

  1. Advertising someone’s product or service

If you don’t have the first two options, then it’s time to try affiliate marketing wherein you need to promote someone’s product or services in exchange for a reasonable commission.

This is the most used option nowadays in fanpages since page owners usually create pages that are targeted to a specific interest so it’s not impossible to monetize it with affiliate products. Fanpages with affiliate product promotions are usually driven by ads to get more likes aside from the organic way.

This strategy has been proven by many and proofs have been scattered around the web that’s why fanpage with this quantity of likes is already a gold mine. That’s how Facebook users make money from fanpage.

So there you go the options on how to make money from your fanpage with 250K likes.

If you find this useful, please share to those in need. Thanks for reading!