Top 3 Freelancing Sites To Make Money Online Using Your Computer Skills

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Many have a degree in computer but not many are lucky to get a nice job. In the real world, there are programmers that are only working in a coffee shop, department stores, human resource and many more that are not so related with their expertise. Actually, I’m one of them.

I finished Industrial Technology major in Computer Technology which supposed to become a technician who troubleshoots computer defects or errors but sad to say that I worked in a BPO company as a typesetter. I worked on XML but that’s not related to what I’ve learned in school (installing OS, dismantling CPU, installing hardwares, etc.).

Okay, so much for me :)…

In this post, I will share three of the top sites where you can make money using your skills and expertise which you have studied and mastered before you graduated. And, that’s your advantage because the things you’ve learned are still fresh in your brain.


upwork freelance jobs

Upwork (former ODesk) is a freelancing website where you can use your skill-set and earn as a freelancer. You can showcase your skills based on the available categories in the site and charge a reasonable rate to your clients.

If you are good in:

Programming (C++, C#, Java, Phyton, Visual Basic, Perl, MySQL, Ruby)

Web development (PHP,, WordPress, Joomla, HTML, CSS, etc.)

Mobile app development (Android, iOS)

Photo editing (Photoshop)

Finance (Excel)

Writing (e-books, articles)

..and many more then this is the right site for you.

But, you need to pass and eligibility exam to test your capabilities and knowledge so if you have what it takes to be a freelancer then this is not a problem.

The client will contact and hire you, then your output will be monitored by the site’s timekeeper and then you get paid.


fiverr freelance jobs

Same with Upwork, this is also a good freelancing site that is derived from “five”, meaning you offer your services starting form $5 and up depending on your add-ons.

Example, if you are a video editor, you will retouch a 30-minute video for $5 in 4 days but you can charge the client for $20 if they want this in 2 days time.

Sounds tricky right? But that’s how the freelancing services goes in Fiverr. The workers get more depending on the quality, quantity, and turn-around time of their services. The possibility of getting more orders is unlimited once you gain credibility and more feedbacks of your work.

So go for it!


udemy courses freelancing

This is a site of short and long courses. In this site, you can find video courses of almost anything that can be taught to people. Same as the two freelancing sites above, you can showcase your skills here but you need to create a course for a certain topic.

Let’s say, if you are expert in creating graffiti in Photoshop, create a step-by-step tutorial on one of your best designs. This is how the skilled computer users make money from Udemy.

There are thousands of people that visit this site to search for tutorials about something so being unique is an advantage. Make a course that is not yet available in the site to be on top of the game.

So there you go the top three freelancing sites that you can make money online using your expertise and skills. It could be the things that you learned from school or something that you learned from your past job – just don’t involve your past company on this 🙂

If this is useful, please share and thank you for reading. Good luck!